1. Sijbe Knol



My name is Sijbe Knol


Since 2019 I have been representing the FNP in the Frisian Parliament, after having been a councillor in the municipality of Waadhoeke. I am the party leader of FNP in the Frisian elections. With a background in social work and nowadays working as an entrepreneur things come together nicely. Working together with people for a strong region. A region where people can find a home. A region that knows what its qualities are. A region, Fryslân, where everybody feels at home. That is what we will fight for.


Can I count on your vote? A vote for Fryslân.   

2. Dinie Visser



My name is Dinie Visser and since 2003 I have been living in Snits/Sneek, but as daughter of a skipper I feel at home anywhere in Fryslân. I work as managing director at Van Campen & Dijkstra RegioBank in Snits/Sneek. The great thing about the job is that we still are able to help people in our office. Before, I was a secretary at the Rugby Club Snits/Sneek and I also was board member for the VSB at SKS. 

3. Fedde Breeuwsma



My name is Fedde Breeuwsma.


Since 1985 I have been a member of FNP, I have been a councillor for about 20 years in the municipalities of Dongeradiel and later Noardeast-Fryslân, where I also have been community alderman for one year. In daily life I have a consultancy of my own in the field of working conditions and safety. I also worked in healthcare for about 45 years. I was raised in Grou and in 1978 I moved to the beautiful town of Dokkum. My wife and I had three girls and currently we have five grandchildren. We like to take care of them.


Working together with all the people to create a strong region. Noardeast-Fryslân is in good shape as part of Fryslân. We are ready for more competences from The Hague in the areas of health care, education and the interior. I am number three on the candidate list and look forward to represent the FNP in the Frisian Parliament.  

4. Sita Land-Dotinga



My name is: Sita Land-Dotinga.


I am 32 years of age and live in Surhuzum. From 2022 I have been a supporting group member of the FNP in the municipal council of Achtkarspelen. In my daily life I am a senior flexconsultant, working a lot with people working in the construction industry. It is very important that also my generation is represented in politics and that (also from that age group) trust is restored! 

5. Gerben van der Mei



My name is Gerben van der Mei. 


Since April 2021 I have been a Member of the Frisian Parliament. My portfolio contains subjects such as finances and economy. For more than 30 year I have my own company as a tax consultant in Tsjummearum. Moreover, I have been active in my community for many years. Between 2002 and 2010 I was a councillor in the municipality of Frjentsjerteradiel/Franekeradeel.

6. Tjitte Hemstra



My name is Tjitte Hemstra.


I am 25 years of age and at the upcoming elections I am number 6 of the candidate list for the Frisian Parliament. In my daily life I am a student of biomedical laboratory research and besides that, I have my own company as inventor for some years. I want to use the creativity that this requires in politics as well!  

7. Nynke Hinke Rintjema



My name is Nynke Hinke, I am a youth member of 19 years. Since 2020 I have been a member of FNP and from April 2022 I have been citizen-member of the municipal council of Tytsjerksteradiel. Next year I wlll be student again at the University of Groningen. In my spare time I enjoy doing a lot for our community according to the values of the FNP for our magnificent region.


I am the number 7 on the candidate list for the Frisian Parliament. 

8. Thom Feddema



My name is Thom Feddema.


Married, father of three and working for the justice department. Football player, billiard player and nature lover. As committtee member at the Frisian Parliament I am a candidate for Member of the Frisian Parliament. My expertise covers the field of grassland birds, diversity of animals, flowers and life, in other words: our environment. Down to earth.


That is how I want to live! This is where I feel #home in Fryslân.  

9. Tsjeard Hofstra



My name is: Tsjeard Hofstra, I live in Wommels and I am working in the field of sustainable energy and biodiversity. Since 2022 I have been involved in the FNP. I want to fight for a sustainable future for Fryslân and the rest of the world.


I am candidate number 9 for the Frisian Parliament.  

10. Mirjam Bergsma



My name is Mirjam Bergsma, I live in Lippenhuzen/Lippenhuizen en since March 2022 I have been representing the FNP in the council of Opsterlân/Opsterland municipality. In my daily life I am a teacher at the vocational college De Diken in Snits/Sneek. My motivation in my work, in the council, but also in my spare time activities, is brining people together to make life beautiful.  

11. Gerda de Vries

De Jouwer


My name is Gerda de Vries - Suierveld.


In daily life I work at the veterinary clinic Joure. I am a committed inhabitant of Joure and I am down to earth and at the centre of our community. I have much political experience, my way of working is: "together we throw our weight behind it."  

12. Dieke van der Pol



My name is Dieke van der Pol and I am 25 years of age.


Since 30 March 2022 I have been a councillor in Waadhoeke municipality. I live in Frjentsjer/Franeker and I am working at Tytsjerksteradiel municipality as a policy officer for biodiversity. Here I try to get more attention for biodiversity and to make the municipality more biodiverse. Green is my passion and that is also what I like to fight for. We have to take good care of our region.  


13. Harm de Jong

De Tynje


Harm de Jong, in daily life a teacher of history and civic education. Since 2019 FNP group leader and councillor for FNP in Opsterlân/Opsterland municipality. Prefers to keep new railway lines away from Fryslân and our community together.  

14. Aant Jelle Soepboer



My name is Aant Jelle Soepboer and after a fierce campaign I am now an alderman in Noardeast-Fryslân municipality for thé party for the Region, the FNP. The success of our campaign - in my opinion - was about réally and honestly representing our population, with a variety of people who are made of the right stuff, down to earth. Fryslân is ready now for a party with our sleeves rolled up; just act and act normal!


I am candidate for the Frisian Parliament and every vote for me is a mandate for Noardeast-Fryslân in the Frisian Parliament!  

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