Become a member of FNP

"Become a member of FNP" (FNP, that's my party)

The right to speak and to vote at our assemblies

As a member of FNP you can voice your opinions about political issues at our meetings (regional and local).

Our assemblies are the highest decision-making bodies in FNP.

In the assemblies the FNP-programme is adopted, in which the principles and aims of FNP are laid down.

By expressing your voice at the assemblies you have a direct say in the policies of  FNP! At the regional assembly

the members of the FNP main board are elected. It is also the place where the candidates for the Frisian Parliament on behalf of FNP are selected.


De Frijbûtser

Your will receive the FNP party periodical 'De Frijbûtser' several times a year.


Membership fee

The minimum annual fee for ordinary members is € 27,50. For family members (living under the same roof) and members below 27 years of age the mimimum annual fee is € 16,00. For young people below 22 years of age the membership is for free.

For those people who cannot pay the annual fee, there is the possibility that the treasurer gives a dispensation to pay less.  


The local FNP-chapters will get 20% of your contribution.

When there are elections, we will send you another request for a voluntary extra contribution to the election campaign fund.

Membership fees and other contributions are income tax-deductible.

FNP is a charitable organisation under Dutch tax law (ANBI: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)   


FNP cares for your privacy and will not share your personal data with others.


For free now: Frisian grammar course

Each year, FNP organises an Frisian grammar course for its members (given by the Afûk Foundation). Once you become a member, you will eb offered this course for free!

On the registration form you can indicate (at 'comments') whether your would like to engage in the course.


Membership of OPNL

In the form below, your can indicate whether your want to be treated as a member of OPNL. Previously this organisation was called OSF. You find a literal translation of the text below.


Declaration on membership OPNL: with fifteen other regional parties in the Netherlands, FNP is part of the Independent Senate Group that has one Senator in the First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. OPNL receives party funding from the Dutch authorities. In order to receive part of that funding, FNP-members must also be a member of OPNL formally. This does not come with any further responsibilities for the individual member of FNP, however. 

'I do not (gjin) / do (wol) have any objections against being treated as a member of OPNL 


Ferklearring lidmaatskip OSF:
"De FNP is mei noch fyftjin oare Nederlânske regionale partijen by de Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie oansletten. De OSF krijt subsydzjes fan de oerheid. Om as FNP oanspraak op dy subsydzje meitsje te kinnen, moatte minsken dy't lid binne fan de FNP formeel ek lid wêze fan de OSF. It bringt foar jo persoanlik fierders gjin ferplichtings mei him mei."
Ik haw der

beswier tsjin ek as lid fan de OSF oanmurken te wurden.

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