FNP. Fryslân. For you!

"FNP. Fryslân. For you!"

Why FNP Fryslân?


What kind of political squabbling really has to end now? What should change in your place? And in the rest of Fryslân?


Currently it is not the youth who decides. No, other people decide about the youth. This has to change and that's absolutely possible. Join the most sociable and most youthful party in Fryslân and have a say!


No dull meetings and piles of paper. You can put your feet on the table and grab a pint. Just join the discussion in the think tank. Promote us in the PR committee. Set the new course as part of the board. Take decisions in the local council. Make policy yourself in the Frisian parliament.


FNP stands firm for Fryslân. Do you want to decide about your community and neighbourhood? Become a member for free. At FNP members under 22 years of age don't pay a membership fee. 


Become a member now and we'll send you 15 karbyd-stickers! Fill in the form and before New Year you will receive your stickers at home. That surely is an offer you cannot resist!  

FNP. Fryslân. For you!

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